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David Frykberg

Mr Frykberg is a senior mechanical engineering design specialist with over 36 years of material handling experience relating to large, dynamically loaded mobile machines and structures, particularly heavy duty handling equipment.  His experience ranges from conceptual / feasibility level studies to detailed component analysis using sophisticated modelling software. In South Africa, as Chief Engineer and Quality Assurance Management Representative of a highly respected German company (Mannesmann Demag) where he spent over 16 years, he assumed overall technical responsibility for all heavy duty equipment supplied worldwide, from conceptual layout through preliminary and detailed design, fabrication, transport, erection, commissioning and testing and after-sales service.

Mr Frykberg relocated to Sandwell (now Ausenco) in Vancouver in 1996, where for over 15 years he applied his talents in the development of innovative solutions to a wide variety of heavy equipment designs, both greenfield and retrofit, to accommodate difficult environments such as cold weather, earthquake, fatigue, and materials flow problems. Recent projects include shiploaders, belt conveyors, rotary railcar dumpers and stacker/reclaimers and specialized chutes, amongst others the well-known Ausenco BANANA SPOUT®”.

Mr Frykberg is an Independent Consultant, currently working with LNS, Greg Douglas Planning, Hatch, Neptune Terminals, Edwards CM, Teck Minerals, Dynamic Installations, Kinder Morgan, and PCT. He developed the concept of, and owns the trademark for, HOODBOX® an integrated hood and head-box that promotes reliable flow, minimizes dust and degradation and vastly improves clean-up. He also recently developed a unique HOODBOX® tripper concept called the “SQUAT TRIPPER™” to minimize dust and degradation on high-speed, low-headroom trippers.

Over the past 36+ years Mr Frykberg has developed and designed numerous cranes, shiploaders, ship unloaders, railcar dumpers (tipplers), traversers, unloading hoppers, stackers, reclaimers and related equipment.